Healthline's 2018 #HIVHonors...Me?

To believe or not to believe your own press, that is the question.

My grandmother always told me to never believe what people say about me, whether good or bad unless it was going to make me a better person. She taught her children and grandchildren to remain humble. It is why I had to teach myself to just say "Thank you" when being paid a compliment, and to throw off those imposing their unwarranted opinion on me. 

So when I'm recognized for doing  good job, inside I'm appreciative and super relieved that I'm doing something right. Outside, I begin to stutter and justify why I haven't been perfect. I'm working on maintaining a balance of just owning who I am. Perhaps that's why texts like these come into my life unexpectedly!

A swipe or two later and it was confirmed! Healthline commemorates World AIDS Day by honoring and recognizing various advocates, organizations, and initiatives from the entire year that have inspired, influenced and informed through their innovative and tireless work. Looking through the list and seeing so many colleagues and friends, I was shocked. I was named at an #HIVHonor for Best Advocat for Female HIV Health.

To be on a list with anything U equals U related, is an honor. Being recognized the same year that the CDC publicly agreed that anyone liivng with HIV who has an undetectable load cannot transmit the virus. Which of course made the Person of the Year, Bruce Richman. In case you don't know, he is the energizer bunny behind the monumental CDC agreement as well as his initiative with the Prevention Access Campaign that has fueled and empowered thousands of People Living with HIV around the world.

There are many others on the list, including @RiseUpToHIV creator, Kevin Maloney! And the gorgeous Maria Mejia, Dr. Carrie Foote...a really inspiring list! Please visit their website to see the other honors!

Thank you again Healthline #HIVHonors, and Josh Robbins for letting me commemorate my World AIDS Day not just shedding tears for those lost but to know that the work they've inspired me to do is not in vain. 

@imstilljosh thank you again!

@imstilljosh thank you again!

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