Upcoming Summer Amazement & Such...

I'm so ready for the summer!

Aside from frequent trips to the beach, an unending supply of lemonade, hearing "Summertime" on the radio randomly, and several wedding celebrations, I am all about the travel opportunities around the corner!

The first thing I'm excited about is the AIDS 2014 International Conference! Seriously, if you haven't registered to attend, you really need to get on the ball. Find a sponsor (write your local pharma retailers!) and get your passport ready for Australia! Topics will include, "Faith and it's role in Sexual Taboos", "Exploring Gaps for Young MSM: Bullying, Health Services, and Advocacy Around the Globe", and one of the closing day symposium's "Violence, Culture and Conflict: Strategies for Safety in a Time of AIDS". Five days packed full of information that seems to run the scope of the last 30+ years of HIV/AIDS and is going to bring all attendees up to date. I can't wait to see the data released and information that will pour out from this conference.

Whatever happens in Australia, hopefully won't stay there as information will hopefully be spread to the states at the USCA 2014 in San Diego this October. You have more time to register for this one, it's always a special treat. I've attended the 2008 and 2013 events. I look forward to whichever way the airlines take me in light of these upcoming conferences.

While I personally have not had the opportunity to register for either event (wait for it), I know that things that will be discussed will be the catalyst to the change the HIV community has been waiting for in their hometowns, local agencies and lives as a whole. I know this because of the opportunities that keep presenting themselves on a global level.

The reason I will not be in attendance to these conferences (well at least one of them) is because I will be working with a team of esteemed physicians and HIV advocates to complete the development of See Us: Women Take A Stand on HIV with International Association of Providers of AIDS Care & AbbVie. Our next meeting just happens to be in Geneva, Switzerland!! When reading the draft consensus statement and regarding all that is going to take place in the developments of HIV knowledge this summer, I get goosebumps trying to take it all in!
HIV affects as many women as men worldwide1, yet the challenges faced by these women can be muted by stigma and misunderstanding. Women living with HIV deserve access to comprehensive and individualized care, information, and support that is free from discrimination. As a global community, we must collectively help women access the care and support they rightfully deserve. We aim to ensure women have the tools and resources to engage in productive dialogue that strives to improve their care.

The best is yet to come. Pass me my lemonade because this summer is going to be blazing with change.