when that lightbulb is too bright...

So, in prayer...there are moments of clarity...not so much an answer to your prayer, but wisdom or discernment that leads your heart to focus on God's will. I am learning this, I am embracing this. I am changing my pace in my spiritual walk from a stroll to a sprint because that leisurely stroll sometimes left me distracted and confused as I didn't warm-up with God's word and prayer all the time and I stop to let things in the worLd frustrate me, discourage me or dazzle me. Once HE'S satisfied in preparing me to go forth in whatever area of my life I need to, I'm running!! #cantstopWontstop

I'm learning there are ideas that are mine, there are ideas that are inspired by the Lord, there are opportunities that I need to grasp and there are opportunties that are for me to pass on to another...my problem is knowing what is what.

In understanding how to recognize what is what, I am reading about laying it out before the Lord as King Hezekiah did in the face of opposition (2 Kings 18, 19:14-19). Often graced with wisdom, he didn't react out of emotions or what others thought he should do. He would pray, present his issue and allow the Lord our Father who knows better than us, to work it out through us.

So I pray:
Lord, Father,
I know you have equipped me to handle all that is brought in my path. I know this but I have trouble trusting my ability. Heavenly Father, forgive me in my hesitation, my doubt to find reason to not push forward, to not take heart and take charge with what you bring to me. I seek you in the decisions that are laid out before me and I trust that you will lead me and see me through each one of them, that I will be saturated in a peace of assurance that you are in it. To your power be the glory, in Jesus' name. Amen.