Meet Kamaria Laffrey - HIV expert, Champion of Change, emPOWERed Legacy Consultant, Coffee Obsessed, Addicted to Smiling. 

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AIDS Watch 2017

Since 2007, Kamaria Laffrey has taken to being a willing vessel that has traveled all over including, Washington D.C., Ft. Lauderdale, and even the United Kingdom to gain more knowledge on HIV, speak on its impact and network with others to stay abreast of current events, so that not only will stigma be eliminated, but that eventually there will be a cure.

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Kamaria's personal goal is to be a face that eliminates stigma. She cannot accomplish this goal alone. It will take collaborations, partnerships and meeting of the minds on all levels, to bring awareness to every community. Kamaria doesn't want to stop there...with your support, she can complete her books, develop her non-profit organization emPOWERed Legacies into a funded 501c3 and broaden her reach so that HIV won't be something to fear. She's waiting to hear from you TODAY!