Bad Ideas for Achieving an Erection

The creation of Viagra by Pfizer pharmaceutical company was celebrated as a cure for erectile dysfunction or ED. Viagra became one of the most popular medications on the market. Men everywhere wanted the blue pill claiming to enhance sexual performance.

Most men with ED are seeking a solution to their problems. The first step is to find a physician nearby and set up an appointment. Viagra and medications such as Max Performer, Cialis and Levitra can cause severe and sometimes fatal side effects in men with specific physical conditions. Some medications should not be taking in combination with popular ED drugs.

One big mistake is taking any medicine without medical supervision.

Talk to Your Doctor

These are some of the medical conditions a doctor should be informed about before taking any erectile enhancing drug.Any man over the age of 65 should exercise caution when using any ED medication. Most physicians start older patients on smaller doses of Viagra to observe how their body reacts to the drug. The dosage may be increased, if the patient does not have an unhealthy reaction to it.

All males with a history of coronary artery disease, irregular heartbeat, elevated blood pressure, Bleeding difficulties and blood or heart disease need to be screened by a physician before taking Viagra.

Individuals with HIV or AIDS may experience problems with ED drugs, because they are dangerous when combined HIV and AIDS medicines. Patients with severe liver conditions should always take these drugs in smaller amounts, until it is determined they are safe for them to use.

All men with a history of strokes are at a high risk of triggering an additional stroke, due to an increase in blood pressure.

Priapism, a condition characterized by prolonged erections is acerbated by male enhancement treatments.

Mixing Medications

Viagra and other ED products are not recommended in combination with certain prescription medicines. A doctor should be made aware all medications their patient is currently taking. Certain drugs when taken together can cause dangerous and sometimes fatal results. Doctors need to know if their patient is taking any of these prescription drugs.

Nitrates and Nitroglycerin when combined with ED medications causes a dangerous a drop in blood pressure and should never be taken in combination.Protease Inhibitors increase the level of Viagra in the blood stream and creating a prolonged erection, which may require medical attention. Viagra needs to be introduced in small doses to determine the correct dosage.

These are additional medications when used in combination with Viagra or Viagra-type treatments could become problematic; Cimetidine, Erythromycin, Itraconazole and Mibefradil.

Unsupervised and Recreational Use

Viagra has become a party drug on some college campuses. It is harmful to use any prescription drug without medical guidance. When used correctly this medicine has helped countless men worldwide with erectile dysfunction. ED can be caused by any number of physical and sometimes psychological conditions. A doctor can rule out a various factors that may cause ED and prescribe the correct treatment options.