6 Delicious Recipes Of Weight Loss Smoothies You Should Try

Today’s topic is quiet delicious as we are going to discuss about few super delicious smoothies recipe which would help you if you are on the weight loss mission. Smoothies and shakes are part of weight loss routine. They help you to get the necessary vitamins ans minerals in the form of liquid.

Those can be prepared at home with available ingredients in your kitchen. Most of smoothies are made with fruits but today we would include fresh vegetables as well. So without wasting much time lets get started.

Best Smoothies For Weight Loss

1. Strawberry Smoothie

This is the most tempting one. Who does not love the sweet and tangy taste of strawberry? Today we would be preparing a delicious smoothie with strawberries. You would need to take few fresh strawberries, some low fat milk or yogurt and one teaspoon of flaxseeds. Blend all the three ingredients together in a smooth puree. Your Refreshing Strawberry smoothie is ready. Strawberry contains higher amount of anti oxidants, vitamin c and protein, . Yogurt contains calcium and protein as well while flaxseeds contains high level of anti oxidants and Vitamin E.

2. Blueberry Smoothie

Another delicious smoothie recipe with berries. Here we would need some frozen blueberries, a cup of cold milk and one teaspoon of chia seeds. You can also used skimmed milk for this. Blend all this in a blender to get a puree. This one is filling smoothie which can be even consumed at your hunger pangs. Blueberries contain Vitamin C, fiber and Vitamin B6. Chia seeds are high in fiber hence it also helps in weight loss.

3. Kale And Spinach Smoothie

Time to move to some green leafy vegetables. To prepare this green smoothie you would need some kale leaves , some spinach leaves, one tablespoon of lemon juice, one apple and one teaspoon of honey. Now blend all the ingredients together to get a smooth puree. You could also sprinkle a pinch of black pepper powder or black salt to enhance its taste. Kale and spinach are loaded with iron and other nutrients hence it is best option for weight loss.

4. Mango & Avocado Smoothie

Now coming to the every ones favorite Mango. To prepare this super delicious smoothie you would need some fresh mango pulp , one mashed ripe avocado, some low fat yogurt, one tablespoon of lemon juice, some ice cubes and one teaspoon of sugar. Mix all the ingredients and blend it to get a puree. This is the best refreshing smoothie specially during summers.

5. Citrus Smoothie

This is another tangy smoothie recipe. To prepare this citrusy smoothie you would need some oranges, some ice cubes, one teaspoon of chia seeds, some cold milk and some flavored yogurt. Now blend everything together to get a smooth puree . You can also add few frozen blue berries to it if available. This citrus smoothie is highly loaded with vitamin C and would definitely take care of your food cravings.

6. Banana & Peanut Butter Smoothie

Banana is known as a wholesome fruit. It helps to keep you full and give you the energy. This smoothie is a best for those who would like to keep their weight in control. To prepare this smoothie you would need one ripe banana, some peanut butter, low fat milk or yogurt, some chia seeds or flaxseeds , some ice cubes and one teaspoon of honey. Blend everything together and pour in the smoothie glass. This smoothies would not taste less than any dessert.