Month of Gratitude: Travel

I am thankful all 365 days of the year but during this #MonthOfGratitude I will be narrowing it down and sharing with you all things I am grateful for! Since there are 26 letters of the alphabet and Thanksgiving is on November 27, this is how it goes: 

Post something you're grateful for that begins with each letter of the alphabet each day leading to Thanksgiving. It's a great way to focus on the blessings in your life and not the stresses of the holiday season!

I am grateful for travel! 

Some people go visit family and friends during the holiday season. Some people take much needed vacations. By nature I am a homebody and prefer not to be in crowds, so navigating airports and train stations, highways and gas stations during this time of the year is something I keep to a minimum. As for other times of the year, I love to be in an airport, flying from point A to point B, moving around and getting to be in places in a fraction of the time. It's one of the reasons I love the work I do. I never know where it's going to take me. I have only visited 15 states and 2 countries in my 32 years, so I have a lot of work to do! I would love to have visited all 50 states by the time I'm 45 and at least 10 more countries by the time I'm 50. I've been flying since before I was born. My dad is a flight attendant for United Airlines and it's just been a way of life for me from a young age. I am grateful for his lifestyle in his career because it has exposed me and prepared me to be ready for travel newbies, have patience with crowds and pack with flair in the smallest of suitcases for three days! 

Aside from traveling for pleasure, I find travel amazing in cases of emergency. You have a sick aunt five hundred miles from you? Catch a plane and be by her side in two or three hours opposed to the 8 it would take you to drive, plus fuel, tolls, gas, patience, etc. In the hospital for a organ transplant? They can fly your organ from another part of the country in life-saving minutes! See Denzel Washington in John Q. 

Don't get me wrong though, I'm all for a road trip. Fill the car to the max with all your necessities and plug in the GPS...or not and through inhibition to the wind. Just drive! Being able to take your time and stop to see sights is a wonder I enjoy. Give me fuel, a radio and a Big Gulp, it's bliss!

What are your travel plans this holiday? What's the most stressful thing you avoid when traveling? What is your must have for packing?