Here We Go Again...Update

I'm trying to not be overwhelmed, frustrated or hard on myself for neglecting my blog. I do not own the monopoly on being busy. I think it's a rites of passage for people to be able to have so much on their plate, they can say that they are too busy. It's not healthy though. So with that being said, I'll give a quick run down on why I abandoned another attempt at a series blog, dust my shoulders off and move on to my current life.

Last blog post, I was on a roll focusing on using prompts to get my thoughts out and was pretty satisfied with the inspiration it generated in spite of the political cess pool I was surrounded in after our 45th President was elected. I was also just starting out at the new Florida Community Organizer for The SERO Project to help modernize HIV specific laws that were being misused to prosecute people living with HIV based on their status and not the actual transmission of the virus. That included a lot of traveling, meetings, conferences, webinars and coffee. During this time, my paternal grandmother passed away suddenly. Actually, my last blog post was a week before her 79th birthday and a month before her passing. I flew out to Arizona to be with family that I hadn't seen in over 20 years. It was heartbreaking, healing and horrible. I might blog about that later, since I did make away with my grandmother's favorite coffee mug! So, through the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday I was an emotional wreck and come New Year's I was using what little energy I had left to not be depressed. I attended a women's retreat where I was slotted to speak on HIV criminalization; however was the one who walked away feeling that I had embraced and learned new things. I will definitely blog about that soon. My time there is what kept me from going under, pushed me into seeking a professional mental health counselor and brought me to a place of healing and peace. So, I started the year off with a vision board and a word for the year, "SURRENDER". When I tell you about the year I've had so far, you'll get it. It's not about giving up, trust me.

So, there you have it. I abandoned the health writer's challenge not because it was a challenge, but life was just loud and in the way. I might revist those prompts just to say I completed it and I might just move on. There is so much in my life that I am learning about what makes me operate. I feel that I have to stop waisting time with looking back and feeling incomplete. I need to look back to know how to move forward. Just small glances to remind me how far I've come and how much closer I am to fufilling what purpose I have on this planet.

I wouldn't be me if I didn't post something amazing and random!

My amazing is that I am in love with our new family car, Ford Escape. I've always wanted an SUV that wasn't too big and it's changed my life.

My random is that I have a new clothing obsession thanks to my twin friend. I've become a LuLaRoe junkie. I only own one piece to date but I have already found my unicorn piece, just can't find it in my size. This has happened in a span on two weeks max. I fought it as long as I could and then I went to an online album party by the amazing Amy Ball and got my first Amelia. OMG! A dress with pockets, I cannot resist. Cannot. Then I'm attending Twin Friend's party at the end of the month as well as hosting my own with my longtime MySpace friend Mahealani Maes out in CA! I'm sure there will be more spiraling from that!

Ok, so thanks for those that have stuck around and wandered back to my posts squinting through the dust to see I'm still here. I'll be working on rebranding and making this more interactive instead of like a journal. Which reminds me of another reason I haven't been around...this INFJ thing can be heavy ya'll.

*gigles, sips coffee, skips away*

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