How to Get Away With...Getting Tested

You guysssss!!!
The season premier of How to Get Away with Murder #HTGAWM!! 
*face palm*
*jaw drop*
And this was probably before the first commercial break. I don't want to give away any spoilers, and I don't do recaps, but I will disclose that Shonda Rhimes addressing #HIV in a relationship was genius. I don't watch a lot of television, but when I do, sadly 90% of a season for a show will involve two consenting adults having probable unprotected sex. A lot of drama ensues, maybe a pregnancy scare, sometimes a murder...but hardly ever the issue of contracting or transmitting HIV. Without giving away who has it or why it was discussed, I will say that this episode made me so proud of the strides we are taking in HIV awareness, prevention, treatment and research. 
Here's a breakdown of the conversations that took place. They didn't overwhelm the scene with melancholy and was handled so realistically, I applauded. If up to this point, you have not seen this episode, it is a spoiler; however not a spoiler to the main plots and twists of the show. 
Season 1
Oliver suggested Connor, who often engaged in risky sex to get tested for HIV. Connor tested negative and Oliver tested positive. This helped dismantle preconceptions about who has HIV and bring to light the dangers of testing yourself through your partner. 
Season 2 Episode 1
Conner stands in front of Oliver naked and ready to have sex. Oliver suggests they wait 2 weeks to allow #PrEP to reach its maximum protection. Conner says "I really want to be here... more than anything, even if it means being celibate for 14 more days." This part of the conversation introduces to people that the pill is not an instant cure-all, it is a effective prevention method used to reduce the transmission of HIV and is approved by the FDA.
Oliver then says with a smirk, "13 more days. You took your 1st pill last Sunday at 9:30."
Thank you Shonda Rhimes and Peter Nowalk for your de-stigmatizing portrayal of sexual responsibility. I want to know, has the conversation of sexual responsibility gone this smoothly for you? Is this realistic? Lemme know!
Sidenote: Catch Shonda on the cover of Essence magazine and then turn to page 117 to read more about how HIV intersects with intimate partner violence. THIS sheds light on how the above post could have turned out completely different (and has for many people living with HIV).