Declaration of Belief

The following may cause you to want to delete me...and I'm ok with that.

In a time of life where we think we are experiencing atrocities, injustices and heartbreak; I know this is nothing new. This has been the way of the world for a long time. Many have corrupted the goodness that does dwell in this world with religion, money, politics, and power...but none of that shakes my FAITH. A friend recently described me by saying she knows that religion is important to me. It is not. My faith is not swayed one way or the other by religion, doctrine, denomination or place of worship. To me, religion has become a systematic perversion over a body of beliefs in one or more deity all over the world, for a long time. People use religion to form others thoughts on a group of people, to wage wars against a group of people and/or to justify their own personal decisions as they see fit.

My faith is simply a response to the goodness of the God I serve, in the face of the evils we create in this world. I love Jesus Christ, not those that twist and manipulate Christianity to hate, manipulate, or control others. Those who question why is there pain and suffering? I can only reply, from my own perspective, that there is purpose in pain. I love all people, I disagree with people's choices...that doesn't mean I hate. I love all people, but I forgive people too, that doesn't mean I condone their behavior. I love all people, even if they don't share the same beliefs as me. That doesn't mean I am lost. There is a lot more to say, that will probably come in later blogs. I just had to get this off my chest TODAY after watching the video below.

I will no longer keep what some called my "sanctified mouth" shut. I will no longer back down when my heart urges me to call on Jesus in witnessing hate. For some, this will explain why you see me worship differently now. For others, this will cause you to want to separate from me. For even more, this may inspire you to genuinely examine the life you have and seek the light in Him that will help you live...eternally. Please no negative comments. If you disagree, I respect that and I still love you! #goeverywhere #loveall