Health Activist Writer's Challenge Month: Creature of Habit

A "Normal" Day

9:15 am - Wake up
9:17 am - Debate going back to sleep
9:20 am - Check calendar to see if it's possible to go back to sleep
9:30 am - Grumpily getting coffee because there's stuff on the calendar that means you couldn't go back to sleep
9:50 - 10:15 am - Shower/Dress/Candy Crush (procrastination is disguised as "waking up")
10:20 - 12:30ish pm - Respond to emails, work on website, check social media, update calendar, prepare for webinar/conference call
1:30 pm - realize you haven't eaten at all, #hangry symptoms kick in
1:35 - 3:45 pm - randomness of events sets in as you find food, chat with spouse, answer unexpected phone calls, eat, figure out what to cook for dinner, sign up for four more webinars, check the mail, still no checks, find a source of caffeine and tell yourself you will clean tomorrow
4:00 - 7:00 pm - start cooking dinner, chat with daughter when she comes home from school, convince her to do her chores before dinner, discuss what TV show you two will watch together (only if it's #PLL or #Empire season)
7:00 - 10:00 pm - wind down and spend time with daughter while checking email, working on website, updating calendar and signing up for two more webinars as well as preparing flyers for two events (kid falls asleep). Take meds
10:00 - 12:00 am - tell yourself to try to sleep before you have to get up and take sister to work, usually don't get sleepy until 1:00 am but have to get back up at 2:15 at the latest, return home around 3:30 am, pass out and do it all over again.


Working from home has caused me to develop some bad habits. I eat less, sleep less and sit more. In that, I have also developed great habits. My family has dinner together every night, I spend time w/ my daughter and I can create my own schedule.

A perfect day would just have me actually completing one project that I start out on or actually being able to do all my business work AND clean the house in the same day. 

Healthwise, I need to find a way to fit in going to the gym that I am paying for monthly as well as working in some healthier breakfasts besides coffee and sausage burritos. I don't think my office chair expands so we will soon have problems sitting at the desk if I don't get it under control. Also, on some days, I squeeze in a nap, like what I think I'm going to do after I publish this blog today. The overcast weather we've been having is a perfect recipe for a nice nap.