SeeUs: Women Take a Stand on HIV

Have you ever felt invisible?

Have you ever had something happen to you, you looked for help and could not find anything useful?

Have you ever felt isolated because those you thought could help you, have no idea of even where to start?

Have you ever wanted to express something going on with you medically but didn't have the right words or confidence to utilize your voice on your health?

If you are a woman living with HIV, recently diagnosed or living with it for any amount of time, and you answered yes to any of those questions...and you still feel this way...let me show you how you can take a stand. I've been there, so I understand how it feels and I am confident that these tools I'm sharing with you will help point you in the right direction.

So considering that globally 49% of all adults living with HIV are women, I believe it's critical to address that these women have access to treatment, engage with their medical support in ensuring their specific health needs are addressed and reducing the stigma associated with HIV/AIDS in their community. One way to do this is to use the newly released dialogue tools provided by IAPAC, AbbVie and this awesome team of women I had the honor to work with. Together, a campaign was developed called "SeeUS: Women Take a Stand on HIV" and you can read all about it at IAPAC's microsite. 

What's unique about these tools is that there is also a set for physicians and all downloads are available in SEVEN different languages for various parts of the world. To support this initiative with a woman in your life that is living with HIV, share the link provided above, use the hashtag #WomenOfHIV and help empower them to use their voice to take a stand on HIV...let them be seen, let them be heard!