The Responsibility of Vision Followers

A statement made Sunday about the guest speaker Pastor Eddie Jasper, for my church's 125th Anniversary..."He's not a dream chaser, but a vision follower." - Dr. Lanelle Pickett Sr.

That has stuck with me since. Stop chasing dreams, but follow the vision that God has for your life. I've accepted that and pushed it deep into my soul. I've had the same dream every morning since then. My grandmother always said that when you dream something back to back, it's God's vision.

My heart, hands and hope are going to have an impact on this world. I need to accept that it's going to be in ways that terrify me. I need to accept my responsibility in taking the right faith-focused steps to get there. I also need to trust that God has laid out all that I need to protect, strengthen and propel me to the completion of His vision for my life. I need to focus on the end result being giving Him the honor and the glory.

I need to wake up and I want to share three key points that will help me stop dreaming and live the reality that God has for me:

1. Today is the only day I have control over. Yesterday was full of opportunities, chances, mistakes, and/or victories. Tomorrow is full of hope, but not promised. I need to walk in every step with the crucial awareness that it will impact how I walk should the Lord grant me another day. Not out of fear, not out of pleasing others, but out of committed devotion to reaching a goal, setting a standard and letting my light shine so the world can see Jesus a little more clearly.

2. Don't think. Know. I don't think  I know I have a relationship with the Lord, just like I don't think that I have ten fingers and toes. I know it. I know that I am not tapping into my full potential of awesome and it's because I'm not tapping into the full source. I know I am here to make a difference and I know that because I believe in a living savior that did.

3. Don't compromise the vision. I love making people feel good. I love nurturing sad hearts and helping people find a reason to smile. I cannot make that a priority over the vision that God has given me. He has allowed me to see certain things and not everyone is meant to understand or even see it or the decisions I make, the same way. My innate desire to make those people happy can be the hindrance that prevents a breakthrough. I can no longer allow that. Stop looking through other people's glasses to see your own dream. It will never come into focus.

What will it take for you to wake up and live right now, live hard and live victoriously? Live life big!

Do Life Big by Jamie Grace