3 Reasons My Summer Rocked...but I can't wait for Fall

I live in Florida which is proverbially warm year round and has no transitions of four seasons, but two. Wet and Humid. So, when I know the colors on the leaves are changing, falling and making that irresistible crunch sound - I am ready for it. I'm ready for the cooler weather, the holiday season, and the fashionable infinity scarves. Most importantly, in tune to the changing of the seasons in weather, there are changing of seasons in my life.


This past summer, some UH-MAZING things happened to me. Here's three of them!

#1. I traveled to Switzerland. I spent two days in Geneva for a business trip (see #2). During this business trip, my colleagues surprised me during our dinner on Lake Geneva with a "death by chocolate" cake of decadence. I was moved, I was elated, I was in Geneva!! I only obtained my passport in January of this year and this was my second European trip in three months. London in April, Geneva in June...and on my birthday. Pretty fab!

#2 I was in Geneva as part of a international steering committee put together to develop a  needs assessment tool to help identify a woman's individual care needs and facilitate improved discussions with their healthcare providers. I have personal hopes that this will empower women, their families and their treatment plan team to work together for the best chance to abundant living. This steering committee is assembled with some of the most brilliant minds I've ever met from International Association of Providers of AIDS Care, NAM/aidsmap, and women throughout the global HIV community. I gained more insights and inspirations into what I want to do with my career in Human Services by listening to what is going on with women living with HIV in countries like Poland, Russia, Romania, Spain, and Australia. I want to make a difference and I know I will make an impact on the world - especially with awesome opportunities to work with people like the ones on this committee. Helping others live their best life makes me love mine even more. Which is why I need to keep pressing towards this degree. 

#3 What capped this summer off and has me completely comfortable with the awesome that is the favor of God is that my family and I finally finished building our home with Habitat for Humanity. Three bedrooms, one bath, a lawn, a laundry room, hardwood laminate floors (easy clean!), and it's OURS! We own a home! We built our house! It's an amazing feeling that I honestly cannot describe. Maybe the photos from our house dedication will convey my joy. 

Now that Fall is approaching more noticeably in other states, I am eager to make my home feel like the best parts of the season. Warm color wreaths, scents of pine, spice (not pumpkin), apples throughout the house and preparation for Thanksgiving is just around the corner. These are a few of my favorite things!

So, tell me...what's yours? Are you ready for the Fall or are you wishing you could hold Summer at ransom to get a few more trips to the pool or wear your favorite summer mani/pedi a little longer? What are you favorite things that help transition the season? Do you have any tips on how to make a new home feel more holiday festive? Let me know!