Pill Popping, Clock Stopping Fun - National Health Blog Post Challenge: Day 11

For all our veterans and family members, we celebrate this day because it marks the end of WWI, at the 11th hour on the 11th day of the 11th month. For WEGO Health's National Health Blog Month Challenge, we are being asked if we have a task that we complete every day at the same time that helps with our chronic illness? How long and how does it help? Ummm...ok here we go.

*Disclaimer: I fell of the 30 days, 30 posts wagon. I can't remember what activity grabbed my attention where I couldn't make this a priority, but since I started this, I will finish it. Well, just this one post.*

The only task that I complete each day as a ritual that is related to HIV is taking my meds. This is the utmost important thing I can do. But, I have a weird way of doing it.

I only have to take three pills, once a day. Thank God. (I will later discuss one day, why I am not yet on the once-a-day regimen). I take these before I go to bed every night, it's the easiest way to remember, plus, I have a high blood pressure pill that I add to that and I can only tolerate that tiny sucker at night.

Here's the weird part (ok, there's several components to my weirdness, but it's how I do it).

  • I cannot stand for people to watch me take my meds. So, if I happen to be standing in the kitchen taking them, I will turn and face a wall. Even when I'm home by myself.
  • I do not like to swallow pills so I will put my drink in my mouth first, then force the pill through my lips and swallow altogether. If I do not do this, the pills get stuck. Every time.
  • I also (please don't judge me) do not take my meds with water as I do the above step. It has to be juice because for some reason, when I do this with water, the taste that I experience makes me gag and they come back up. This is with ANY pill. Aleve, vitamins, anything. BUT, I do drink water afterwards to make sure it's all washed down. 

So, there's my ritual. There's my weirdness. Read all about it! LOL
If anyone has anything weirder, I'd love to know so I don't feel as bad. We can start a club! C'mon! No? Ok.

Love ya anyway,