TGIF! Favorite Quotes - National Health Blog Post Challenge: Day 8

As a woman who lives on inspiration and encouragement, I am extremely excited to bring you this blog post for Day Eight of  National Health Blog Month Challenge

A simple list of my three favorite quotes. That's it. So I've thought long and hard on this and I want my favorites to be a source of inspiration for you. I have SO many, that speak to me at different times of my life. There was one point in my life, after I had my daughter, learned my HIV diagnosis and was coming out of the stress and limbo to find out if my daughter had also contracted it (she didn't), that I remember sitting zoned out in front of my computer reading posts on MySpace and forwarded emails from friends that sometimes brought me out of my depression and sometimes launched me into a fit of tears. There were so many emotions going through me on top of post-partum depression that I am thankful to look back and see I've overcome. Here are three of the thousands of quotes that helped me in that time. Thanks time capsule journals and old blog posts. You can click on the quotes to see the old blogs from what inspired me to depend on it for encouragement.

2. A speaker at a marketing seminar drives home the message of decision making, which can be applied to everyone:  “If five frogs are sitting on a log and three of them decide to jump,” he asked the audience, “how many frogs are left on the log?” The answers were unanimous as they replied, “Two.” “Wrong,” the speaker chided, “there is a difference between deciding to jump and jumping so there are still five frogs on the log.”

3. There is no blog reflection for this one. It's simply my ultimate favorite and inspires me to keep talking about HIV/AIDS all the live long day. It matters. I matter. You matter, so I will not be silent.

This blog was really hard. Really, really hard. I wanted to do movie quotes, song lines, scriptures, all of that. Great words have been said by many great people. What makes all those people great is that they took the time to reflect on their personal experiences and speak on them, thus the ripple effect of encouragement. 

What will you take time to reflect on that will help you speak encouragement to others?