A Caramelized Colloidal Silver Dipped Apple A Day...National Health Blog Post Challenge: Day 10

Today's topic for the WEGO Health National Health Blog Month Challenge is alternative treatments and regimens. I am all for yoga, acupuncture, massage therapy, aromatherapy, vitamins, and other holistic methods to help manage your health care. I am all for prayer and standing in the belief that you are healed simply because you believe in the power of prayer.

Since my diagnosis in 2003, and I began speaking publicly about HIV/AIDS in 2007, I have received messages to almost all of my social networking profiles with offers on how to cure AIDS and that the government has the secret, etc.etc. I have been told by conspiracy theorists that I am bamboozled because I won't accept their theories for my reality and that I am just a guinea pig for the government.

I have been ridiculed by people in the "faith" community that I have not claimed my healing because I have not drank their holy tonic or rubbed on their anointed cloth. Side Note: My faith is not limited to a material object that can be held or manipulated by Man, but my belief in a Savior that was beaten, killed and buried for my sins only to rise again three days later - by His stripes, I am healed. 

Well, I have my own personal doubts I struggle with, of what my body is going through, I really don't need all of this other static in my head either, but I will share with you my thoughts on the whole craze of colloidal silver and please know that any posting of links is NOT in support of the claims being made by individuals or groups. Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs, it is your body and you have the right to do with it as you see fit. I won't argue with anyone who disagrees with me just as I won't expect an argument from the people that I disagree with.

The craziest thing I have ever heard are the claims on colloidal silver. Colloidal silver is a product made of tiny particles of silver that are suspended in a liquid (and yes, when I say silver, I mean the same metal your grandmother uses during the holidays). You are to ingest this liquid as a dietary supplement and it's stake to fame is that it boosts your immune system so well, that you can be cured of anything.

My problem with this "cure-all" is not whether it works or not. It's the wording of the claim. A visit to YouTube and you will see videos of people claiming to be "cured" of HIV, but if you listen carefully, the "cure" is that they are undetectable. There is the problem. IF they are to ever stop taking this cure all, HIV/AIDS will again begin to replicate in the body and your t-cells would drop again.

Ironic though...there are already pills that do that. I'm undetectable for two years now. And the side effects of too much colloidal silver are that your eyes, skin, internal organs, nails and gums are all effected by it. It builds up in your tissue and turns these body parts a blue-ish gray color, which also have to do with if you are ingesting the right mix of colloidal silver. I know Zombies are in, but that's not the look I'm going for - plus, it's irreversible. I personally, have no side effects from the medications I'm taking that are FDA approved and work. To each his own, but as for me and my body, I will only put things in it that I can verify if something goes wrong and hold someone accountable. I will always pray over whatever goes in my body and I'm sorry, but if this was the cure, and it's been around for as long as it has, I think there'd be less infections of any kind around.

Humanity comes from a history where simple prescriptions of sunlight, have sex, eat an apple, get some sleep...were strongly held to be the remedy for common cold, PMS, a headache, stress,etc. so it is no surprise that we take on a whole new understanding of natural remedies. My standing is that all of those things are recommended preventative measures today and science and medicine has evolved to where we have actual treatments for things that were not fully understood in our history. I believe the same for the future. There are things we may be doing medically now, that will be old wives tales to our great-grandchildren. Hopefully, if we keep making progress and making decisions with a sound mind instead of microwave healing, we might live long enough to see those changes.