The Phoenix and an Elephant had a Baby

Something I found inspirational, I heard during an expectedly inspiring praise session at chapel on my school's campus; however I wasn't expecting to be so inspired that it would change me right on the spot. I'm struggling with where I want to take my next step and two things that were said that night have reminded me that I need to surrender.

One thing was not meant to be related in context of fear, but it's how I applied it due to what I'm going through in my heart right now.

When we ask God to order our steps, we want the entire blue print to what He's doing. We want to see the whole picture (mostly because if He sends us to the Red Sea, we're pretty much going to tell Him we'll pass). The key to this prayer to God for Him to order our steps is SURRENDER. He can't order our steps if we don't want to move and take that first step without seeing where we're going. We have to have faith to walk out and trust that if He ordered the first step, He will guide us on the rest of the path.

The second thing that changed me that night was that what keeps us from really doing the first thing that I mentioned was fear. Our fear sometimes gets settled on this critical inward thinking that we tend to do in life. We tend to remember what we should forget and forget what we should remember. We focus on many of our failures and forget how we overcame them. If we reversed that, we'd be some righteously confident individuals conquering injustices and inequalities all the live long day.

So, rising from the ashes of where fear left me burned out and arrested in my spiritual development, I will take note from the common knowledge that elephants never forget. I will stand on what God states He has for me. I will continue to surrender to His will, allow myself to be the willing vessel and lead those lost in the dark, to the amazing light of life in Jesus Christ. This is my proclamation, declaration and invitation to all the opportunities God has on store for me.