Linking to the World

Anyone who says "If it ain't broke, don't fix it", really needs to get out more and probably doesn't have a LinkedIn or an account. I've never been one to actually say those things, but I have been a person who would easily get comfortable with what I liked to do in social media or how I wanted to present myself in a professional manner. A resume, some nice business cards and an email address were the standards. A website was a luxurious bonus in my creative eyes. Unable to decide on how I wanted things to flow from page to page for a website, I'd grow frustrated and end up with nothing. Something was broken and it was beyond time to fix it. site
I've recently learned that as social media changes, I have to continue to adapt to those changes. In doing so, it keeps me current on how people in my network circles are evolving and it helps keep me relevant in the work I want to do. This had led me to really re-evaluate how I even want to put myself out there. Take my blog for example. I'm not sure if I like the format of it completely. I am open to constructive criticism. I am open to new design options. I am open to anything that can make me a better me. Then there's vlogging, completing my book, restructuring the business plan for my consulting business and of course, finishing school. I know that all these pieces of my vision are going to fit together, so I will continue to make the steps (as small as some might be), towards the bigger picture. So far, I like what I have but there is always room for improvement.
LinkedIn site
Please help me by visiting me on LinkedIn and, offer suggestions on how I can do this or that better or differently. Help yourself by getting an account if you don't have one yet. They are simple formats that can help you land a job and promote your company with a few clicks and a well-worded bio.

Oh and a Twitter account helps too. I would add Faecbook because it's popular and easily accessible as well but personally, all the different Facebook pages can be a little overwhelming to not overlap personal interests with things similar to your field of expertise. For me, at least. So, in mending things that tend to be broken, I pray I am on the right path. I don't do the work that I do for the glory whatsoever. HIV/AIDS consulting chose me and I surrendered to it's call because there are people in this world that are sitting in a dark place, wishing there was someone that they could relate to, someone who's been in their shoes. For them, I keep pushing to spread the message of hope, inspiration, and victory in eliminating stigma, access to care for all People living with HIV/AIDS and for the cure. It's coming and I believe it will be in my lifetime. Until then, I will keep mending me so that the message is heard loud and clear on all four corners of the earth.