Heart Transplant

Someone blessed me earlier this week with a good word in response to a video I posted. In this video I am speaking from the heart about how my attitude towards HIV has changed. Towards the end, I did speak about something that I truly hate about the disease. How it takes away your ability to physically be of help to others. If I want to donate bone marrow or blood to a family member, I am not able to do so, even if I am a match. I'd love to be an organ donor, I donated blood all the time in high school. My perspective at the time I made this video was that all that the disease tries to take away from you, you just pour that into something else. This applies to all things in life that you feel are never going to change. If you want something to change - BE the change!

What makes what my friend said to me so astounding was that even before I posted that video, I posted a status update on Facebook that I don't believe she had read because we've just recently added eachother on Facebook:

So, when I posted that video, my friend's response was, "Sista friend you are an organ donor. You gave your heart to Christ the biggest transplant to ever take place in your life. Be blessed and continue to encourage women young and old." Well, break out the tissues because I succumbed to an ugly cry, thanking God for her to deliver that encouragement and praising God because it's the truth. I gave my heart to Christ and that's the best organ donation I can make. I gave it to Him broken, torn, shattered, abused, dark and withered. He is the healer that is restoring His greatness in me. Best heart transplant ever.
Ezekiel 36:26 "I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit within you; I will take the heart of stone out of your flesh and give you a heart of flesh."
What situations in your life are you trying to change? Have you considered that it might be your heart needs to change towards the situation instead? Don't know? Give it to God in prayer.
Heavenly Father,
I trust in You alone to be the healer and mender of all things broken in my life. I  know that I have given my time, energy and heart towards things that weren't of you, but you love me anyway and I am planted deep in your heart unconditionally. For that I am thankful. Help me Lord to surrender to the operating room of your redemption and healing for the heart transplant that I need and fill it with Your Spirit.
In Jesus blessed name I pray, Amen.