For the love of www!

Tumblr. Instagram. Facebook. Twitter. Google+ (it took me fifty seconds to find the plus key). Apps for apps and apps to hide apps...for someone like me who is easily distracted, it's a wonder I get anything done. This is why I haven't been able to blog because my thoughts have too many bubbles to enter into. Then again, it's a good thing, because if it were easy for me to post the random and frequent thoughts I have, I'd be in trouble. Lots.

So, finally I've settled into this blogger thing. I think. I've given up on a website for now and I'm thinking of just doing this and Facebook and Twitter and Instagram and Words with Friends. Yep. That should keep it simple.

I wanted to focus on just HIV topics, but I'm just too random to contain, I must be freed so look out because I've posted YouTube videos! Well, it's still being edited at the moment, but they are coming. For  real this time. Something about turning 30 makes me care less of fitting the norm which is weird because I never thought I cared in the first place. Now I truly understand the term, "could care less".

According the blog I wrote two years ago, "Well, if you ask me..." I stated that I had begun classes at college, there was a benefit concert, so on and so forth. Yeah, none of that happened but as of now, I've got one semester under my belt and will resume classes this coming week. I've gotten married and will be celebrating my one year anniversary this February! I'm in the process of getting a home built with Habitat for Humanity. I've cut off all my chemically straightened hair and am now curly and girly! Lots has changed and lots has stayed the same but with it all, I won't complain. I'm just happy to feel like myself again, like I'm really truly comfortable in my own skin. It's ashy, but I'm comfortable.

So that is my random, unedited blog post. As soon as I come down from this Starbucks high I will post more detailed information on where to find me on all these social networks. But you can always find me on Facebook. That's where the most updated information will be, just less detailed as this.