Well if you ask me...

"It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare, it is because we do not dare that things are difficult." - Seneca

So, I got my honesty, woe-is-me blog out of the way for 2011 (update on that at a later date). Now, it's time to get to the meat and potatoes of what I want to accomplish this year. Not resolutions, but marks of achievements or events that I want to be a part of.

January - I, Kamaria Gammon, Queen of Procrastination and finding all reasons to not do something constructive on a long term level if it gets too complicated, have finally decided (and actually already been accepted to) start classes this semester at Southeastern University. I will be pursuing a Bachelor's of Science in Human Services. With this degree I want to be able to go into counseling (I've been told only the crazy can counsel the crazy anyway - joking), and develop programs to help people infected with HIV/AIDS love themselves through it all. In the meantime, I'm focusing more on taking care of me, and will be speaking on one of the most intense panels I've ever been invited to towards the end of the month. The preparation for it has challenged me because it is outside of my experience with HIV but at the same time it has openend my eyes and mind to be able to discuss my thoughts and opinions of other matters I may not be directly involved with in this field.

For example, for the past few months since I read an article on the ADAP Drug Waiting list and finding out that FL has the longest list in the nation and holds some of the highest ranking cities for infection rates, I became infuriated. I am not on this waiting list, but there are people who are. There are people who are on the AIDS Drug Assistance Program that don't know they are potential candidates to be dropped. At the time I began my research, people were not being notified that they might need to find other methods of paying for their life saving medication. I say all of this to say, that with the assistance of The Women's Collective in D.C. and some nice folks in South FL, I will hopefully be in attendance at a Emergency Crisis Summit where I will if nothing else, learn more about how the policies that go into getting something done with this works and what needs to be done to make it better. I know it all costs money and it is utterly depressing to think you have to put a price tag on someone's life.

February - The RCP Movement will be hosting it's 2nd Annual Show U Know benefit concert and health fair. The concept is simple, the entrance fee is free, you simply get tested for HIV and you're given a ticket to a show full of local stars and big name celebrities. You get saturated in a wealth of information on sexual responsibility and the opportunity to meet RCP members to bring the movement to your community! This will be in recognition of National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day and I love that it falls on National Black History Month. Sidenote, if the thought of why is the shortest month of the year Black History Month, just popped in your head I will also share my thoughts with you on that at a later date.

March - Ahh, the month of Spring. My calendar tells me that National Women & Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day falls on the 10th so I know that Campus RCP will be doing great things around the state. I have a potential speaking engagement with some close colleagues that I know will bring a great impact to the community and hopefully, the makings of my book will be in the works. I've gotten a very basic rough draft, several title ideas, I just don't know how I want to end it just yet.

Of course, all of this is subject to change, though I truly hope that none of it does because I am so excited to be nervous about doing new things and living outside my comfort zone. I'm excited to see where it brings me and if you ask me, there's simply no stopping me. I'm a child of God and I know where I stand on the things that matter. If you ask me, it's all good - but if you ask God, it's all GREAT!