The Writing Is On The Wall

SO lemme tell you how good God is. How he truly speaks to me. How He puts the WRITING ON THE WALL!!

After I posted the blog regarding concerns for my t-cells and having to be put on medication, I really didn't think anything else of it. A friend on Facebook left me a comment on my wall encouraging me and I appreciated that. After that, it was really out of my mind. It was therapeutic to post, to read how I felt last year and relate it to how I was dealing now.

The next day at church my pastor continued his series entitled "How to Overcome Obstacles: David an Excellent Example" He went into the story of Saul and David and related to how we will come across a situation,and make statements claiming faith, healing, prosperity, etc. as though we are in complete control not realizing that if we were in complete control we would never get in situations liiiiiiiike... your car getting stalled on the train track. This is NOT the time to say, "I don't claim it"or "I will fast and pray". This is the time to take action, the writing on the wall can't be any clearer than your car stalling on the train track. It is time to MOVE!! You can NOT claim it all you want and you will claim a nice cozy spot with a granite stone headboard - six feet under.

This sermon got me to thinking how so many times, I don't use wisdom and faith together, how I blur the two to what sounds good to me at the time. I can sit back and not claim my illness, I can claim healing, I can claim all things regarding my health because of my faith in what I know God can do for me. BUT I cannot do these things and completely ignore all the writing, typing and painting on the wall that is telling me that I need to go to a doctor. God can work miracles through anything, it's not up to me to decide in what avenue He can demonstrate them. How dare I think I even have that power? Since when did I create the heavens and hte earth? And Lord knows if I had anything to do with that foolishness in the Garden of Eden things would NOT have gone down the way they did (I'm just saying, child birth is no joke).

So, now I have completed my application to receive Medicaid so that I can get back into care. There are some glitches in the matrix of my immune system that are not sitting too well with me. I really, really need eto get it together. I'm reaching too close to the age of 30 and I've read that the closer you get to that age, the harder it is to stay in shape. So I know that I really need to get in touch with some people that can help me (There is a high school friend who is a body building competitor). I don't plan to have any more kids. I really don't. Also, I'm always in pain so I know that my body is lacking something it needs. I started taking vitamin B12 so that I can have the natural energy I'm supposed to have and that has helped a LOT. I stopped drinking a lot of caffeine to the point now where I don't even want a Mt. Dew (yes I said it). I was getting too many migraines. They've stopped praise God. So, I'm really focused on so much for myself that will encompass my overall health and I can no longer ignore the writing on the wall. It has been highlighted and I need to take action before the ink fades.