Things Get Messy

It's been a while since I've posted a real blog and even at this moment that I am typing, I'm really not even sure how I want to compose my thoughts. Should I be funny? Should I put some quotes in? Be spiritual? Then I says, the hell with it... I'm just going to be me.
Here I am... because I don't know how to be anything else!
As of now, things with my health are still at a standstill thanks to the good old folks at the Medicaid office. I'm supposed to have a phone interview and I have to fax in some documents. All the while I'm just praying that things are well. I feel fine, but due to some extreme pessimists in my life, I'm told that means nothing.
Moving on...
I've been working on so many projects that I think I might start rocking a mohawk to hide the fact that I've been pulling my hair out. There is so much that I want to be involved in regarding HIV/AIDS... support groups, public service accouncements, fundraisers, etc and etc. It's been stressful trying to determine the best of the best and who to trust and who is in it for the right reasons.
I look back on how far I've come and how no one and I mean NO ONE could have told me five years ago that I'd be doing half of the things that I do now, let alone be a single mother speaking out about HIV... but here I am and I wouldn't change a thing. I've made some mistakes and I've made a mess out of resolving some of those mistakes but I know that in the end of it all, God has a way of designing our plights to take flight into a message beyond what we could ever contrive on our own.
I'm excited that this year the United States Conference on AIDS will be in my own back yard, Orlando, FL this year. Sadly, I wont be able to attend in the full capacity that I had intended, but it is all for the best. I will be a groupie hanging out outside of forums waiting for friends and gathering information as much as I can.
In the meantime, I will be happily anticipating RCP's ( 2nd annual Show You Know Benefit Concert in October. I'm happy to say that this will be their second year putting on the concert and I'm really excited to see how many people we can get tested!! I can't remember what last years numbers were but I know that they were something to be proud of.
Back to school is upon us and there are so many college campuses that need awareness measures taken as far as having "safer" sex, knowing what they are protecting themselves from and how to get out of sticky situations that could play a detrimental role on their lives. I wish I could send a massage email or Facebook message to every freshman coming onto a college campus about how they are in a whole new world and the rules from back home should still apply. Instead, I utilize measures such as this and hope and pray that the message of the messy matter gets through.
Use a CONDOM! Don't be scared to make sure you have them and if all else fails, EMAIL me and I will make sure that you get some before you git some! lol
Ok, well, my time needs to come to a close because motherhood duty calls as I head out to back to school shopping and whatnot. Thanks for being patient with my amateur blogging and random flow of thoughts. It will improve once I get back into this.