Welcome to your new favorite hangout for healthy living.

We started Kamaria.org with a simple idea — to take the stuffiness, the snobbery, the holier-than-thou out of the healthy lifestyle culture, and bring it back down to earth.

Sure, in an ideal world, we’d all be eating ultra-fresh, locally grown superfoods for every meal; we’d be driving zero-emission future cars to our charitable and environmentally sustainable workplaces; we’d have time for daily orgiastic workouts and invigorating, body-cleansing mud baths; and, of course, we’d have around-the-clock, speed-dial access to the finest, most affordable health care known to humanity.

The problem is — this is the real world.

So, at Kamaria.org, we’re all about bringing big-time healthy living to the masses.

We break down the latest news and research, devise healthy-living tips and hunt down deals — and we deliver all of these hella helpful details with a provocative voice that spares the B.S. and embraces the realistic, the attainable and the fun.

To live Kamaria.org is to take control of and champion the best in life: your health, your plate, your environment, your workout, and your home.

We’re here to help.

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