6 Great Reasons Why Coconut Water Helps In Weight Loss

From celebrities to athletes, fitness and beauty experts to moms at home, all swear by it. Coconut is one of the most useful fruits in the world. Each and every part of it can be put to good use. Coconut water is the pristine water found in young tender coconuts. It is a rich store of salts, minerals, vitamins and is high in electrolytes.

After water it is the most natural form of drink which has no artificial preservatives or soda content. Good to taste, awesome benefits for health and easily available, coconut water is totally loved by all. Due to its tremendous benefits it can be a great factor to accelerate weight loss.

Let Us See How Coconut Water Helps In Weight Loss

1. Hydration And Metabolism

If our body is replenished with adequate amount of fluids, it is hydrated. But the lack of it is dehydration. Dehydration retards the metabolism of the body. It becomes slow in all its functions and gets tired easily. Hence the rate at which the body converts all the fat to energy is slowed and the tendency to put on weight increases. Coconut water is rich in electrolytes and vitamin B, which enhances metabolism and keeps the body well hydrated.

2. High Fiber

Though coconut water looks like a shiny clear liquid, it is actually very rich in fiber content. What happens with juices is that, all the fiber of the fruit is left out and the liquid is extracted from the fruit in the form of ‘juice’. But coconut water is the only juice which has high amounts of fiber in its natural form. Fiber helps in digestion, keeps the stomach fuller and therefore a strong digestive system helps to lose weight faster.

3. Tones Muscles

The high content of potassium in coconut water helps in converting the extra fat stored in the body to muscles. If we gain muscle automatically all the fat content is reduced. The body slims down and all the flabby skin is converted to toned muscles.

4. Keeps The Stomach Full

The fiber content in coconut keeps the stomach full for longer. The craving to eat on quick intervals diminishes. Infact, it can be easily replaced by a munching snack to curtail any extra intake of fat. Coconut water also helps in combating sugar cravings. It contains sugar in natural form which is easily absorbed by the body into the bloodstream. The optimum level of sugar is thus maintained and we do look feel the urge to eat again and again.

5. Fat Free And Zero Cholesterol

1 cup of coconut water contains 46 calories, it is fat free and has no cholesterol. It has been proved that drinking coconut water reduces the bad cholesterol of the body and increases the level of good cholesterol. It is low in sodium and high in potassium, athletes always make it a part of their diet and use it as a sports drink to hydrate and replenish their bodies. Since it is fat free it easily keeps them active and on their toes.

6. Thyroid Control

Drinking coconut water provides the body with the essential nutrients to maintain balance in the system. The level of thyroid hormones comes to normal by regular coconut water intake. Thyroid malfunction slows the metabolism of the body, makes it sluggish and we feel hungry all the time. If the level of thyroid is in limits, then all weight inducing factors can be controlled and the weight gain can be kept in check.