15 Reasons Why You Are Not Losing Weight

Obesity is the major cause of many diseases. It can cause diabetes, heart diseases, cancer and many other health problems. Most people have excess fat around the stomach. Some people have fat deposits in hips, thighs and hands too. Poor dietary habits and lack of exercise are the factors that increase the risk of obesity. Some of us become overweight due to hormonal problems and hereditary reasons.

People try various diets and exercises in order to lose fat and stay slim. However, some of us don’t lose weight aka abnehmen even after trying very hard. Nothing seems to work and the result is an obese body. We will tell you some reasons why you fail to lose weight. Following are the top 15 reasons why you’re not losing weight.

15 Reasons Why You Are Not Losing Weight

1. Not Drinking Water

It is important to drink enough water. Water helps in hydrating the body and improving metabolism. Drinking water before eating food prevents overeating by making you feel full. It stops cravings for sweet beverages. Not drinking adequate amounts of water is the reason of weight gain.

2. Not Eating Protein

Eating a protein rich diet is important for weight loss. Protein helps in satisfying your hunger while stopping muscle loss. It gives energy for digesting and absorbing the food we eat. Protein helps in burning calories. People who don’t eat protein can’t lose weight and it leads to obesity.

3. Taking High Calories

Taking a high calorie diet can lead to weight gain. We need to take the right amount of calories according to our physical activities. If you are not physically active and still take high calorie foods, you will never lose weight. Control obesity by taking low calorie foods.

4. Eating With Distractions

We eat more amount of food when we are watching our favorite shows on television. Working on computer or doing other things while eating is the reason of overeating. It causes weight gain. You should always sit and eat food with no other distraction. Focus only on the food and enjoy the meal.

5. Cheating On Diet

Many people do diet control in order to stay slim. It is important to eat the right diet and avoid foods that contain fat and sugar. Sometimes, you cheat on your diet and start eating fatty snack and fast foods. Cheating with ones diet may be a reason why you are not losing weight.

6. Eating Salad Dressings

Health conscious people like to eat salads instead of regular meals thinking that it will help in reducing weight. You may be adding many types of fatty and high calorie dressings to salads to enhance its taste and flavor. Eating salads with dressing causes weight gain and obesity.

7. Taking Diet Soda

We all know that soda drinks contain sugar and calories leading to obesity. Some of us think that diet soda is a good alternative to soda drinks and that it is a healthy option. Drinking large amounts of diet soda is one of the causes of weight gain. Diet soda contains chemicals that increase obesity.

8. Eating Processed Foods

Eating too much processed foods is the main cause of obesity. White bread and sugary foods contain refined foods and they are not good for health. Chips, crackers and puddings cause weight gain. If you continue to eat these foods, other weight loss techniques will fail and you will not lose weight.

9. Food Starvation

Starving oneself can cause overeating, which in turn causes obesity. Some people miss breakfast and other meals thinking that it will help in losing weight. The fact is that when you starve yourself, you eat more food later and this is the reason why you don’t lose weight.

10. Eating Big Portions

If you eat big portions of foods, you will never lose weight. Some people eat large quantities of foods despite not feeling hungry. It increases the calorie intake. This is one of the reasons of weight gain. You should eat food in small portions.

11. Stress

You must have noticed that you eat more food when you are under stress. Stress causes an increase of hormones in our body that are responsible for causing obesity. You may not lose weight when under the effect of stress.

12. Eating At Restaurants

Eating at restaurants and food shops is the reason why you don’t lose weight. The food served in public places contains high amounts of fat, sugar, salt and calories. Eating such foods can cause weight gain. Stop eating at restaurants if you want to lose weight. Eat home cooked food only.

13. Aging

Weight loss becomes very difficult due to aging. The metabolism becomes very weak when we become old. Women can become obese after menopause. It causes hormonal problems and difficulty in weight loss.

14. Sitting Continuously

Sitting continuously for a long time in one place is the main cause of obesity. People who work on computer or watch television become sedentary and don’t do any physical movements. Sedentary lifestyle is the reason why you don’t lose weight.

15. Missing Exercises

Regular exercise is the best treatment for obesity. It is important to do the exercises daily and devote enough time for workouts. People who fail to do exercises or do it very little can become obese. Thus, missing exercises is one reason why you don’t lose weight.