13 Warning Signs Of Heart Attack

Strange, but very true. While heart disease has become the number 1 cause of deaths in our country, most deaths are either because of wrong diagnosis or due to late diagnosis. This is happening in India who is having the number 1 heart specialists of the world.

Now, let me be clear. Every person is not a heart specialist, nor is every doctor. Most people are unaware of the warning signs of heart attack. And by the time they become aware, it becomes too late to give the preliminary treatment.So, more important is to know the warning signs of heart attack.

13 Warning Signs Of Heart Attack

1. Excessive Sweat

If a person is experiencing excessive sweat, it is a signal of heart attack. During heart attack, a person experiences sweat just as if exercised for about 1 hour. Even in cold weather, sweating occur. Sweating is a signal of excess heat being produced in our body; which further leads to irregular pulse rate and heart dis-functioning.

2. Wheezing/Panting

Heart attack is often accompanied by an asthmatic feeling and the number of breadths per minute increases by more than 50%. The patient feels extremely uncomfortable and the wheezing signs are quite visible.

3. Feeling Dizziness

Many times heart attack results in unconsciousness. At this point of time, even if a lay man touches the chest region of the patient, then he will find some time of irregularity in breadth. The heart starts pounding very fast. This is a sure shot sign of arrhythmia, i.e. irregular rhythm of heartbeat, and will result in heart attack.

4. Chest Pain

The thoracic area extends from neck part of the body till the diaphragm. Any pain in this portion of the body may be a warning sign of heart attack. Still, the exact region of the body having pain in case of an attack, would be the chest, just above the breast bone. Although, the causes of such pain could be gastritis also, but it’s always better to get it checked by a trained physician or heart specialist.

5. Constipation

A very recent case was heard in Bangalore, where the doctors reported the case to be of constipation. After 4-5 days finally, it was realized that the case was of acute constipation resulting in heart attack. The patient died.

6. High Pulse Rate

A rapid and irregular pulse accompanied by shortness of breath may be a signal of heart attack sometimes.

7. Pain In Multiple Organs At A Time

Since heart pumps purified blood to all parts of the body, so any disturbance in heart will lead to disturbance in all body parts and organs. If a person is experiencing pain in multiple organs, then such a condition should not be ignored, because, this is a signal/symptom of heart attack.

8. Improper Digestion

Improper digestion, or it would be better to say; improper fat digestion is also a signal of heart attack. Improper digestion means the essential minerals of food are poorly assimilated. Lack of minerals and essential fatty acids ultimately results in an unhealthy heart.Improper digestion also results in accumulation of toxic compounds in the body, which may reach the heart via blood circulation

9. Tooth Related Problems

This is again a strange, but true sign of heart attack. Tooth aches, tooth loss and gum bleeds are also indicative of heart attack. Actually, the fact is that greater the amount of teeth loss, greater is the chance of entry of harmful enzymes into the gut. This may lead to hardening of arteries and finally heart attack. Researchers have found out that gum bleed and early teeth loss is indicative of high cholesterol in our body.

10. Infrequent Smoking

If you are an infrequent smoker, then definitely it is an invitation to heart attack in the near future. During heart attack, the smoker feels like smoking again and again, and would take many cigars at a time. So, if you feel like taking a lot of cigars/cigarettes, then it may also be indicative of an attack.

11. Swelling

Heart attack may result due to blocking of one or more arteries of the human body. In case of blockage, blood is accumulated in the blocked artery region. This will lead to swelling. Any abnormal swelling in our body is indicative of heart attack.

12. Feeling Of Senility

Heart attack is always accompanied by a feeling of senility. The patient feels so weak that he/she is not even able to stand/sit on his/her own. What I can say is that, feeling tired all the time is a slow sign of heart attack, and complete feeling of senility is a sign of immediate attack.

13. Fatigue

Fatigue is an unexplained ultimate sign of heart attack. A sudden heart attack sometimes results into a fatigue. Mostly the left arm of the patient becomes lethargic. It is more common in females than men.